Residential Landscape Improvement at Overland Park

Project Description

In this wonderful house, we put our hardscape skills to work, the result? a wonderful ornamental garden surrounded by stone structures, such as the stone edge in the garden beds in the front yard or the retaining wall in the backyard. These stone elements, combined with a well-planned distribution of perennials and annuals, will make the garden looks great throughout the year. See the pictures below.

Project Details

Date: 05-21-2019
Info: If you have any question about this project call us to 913-313-0394.

Project Photos


We completely renew this heart-shaped garden bed by removing the old stuff and setting up new stunning elements like the stone edge, good plant combination that give a very nice look. What do you think about it?


Selecting a good combination of perennials and annuals is the way to have a vibrant all year long garden with blooms and colors for an awesome eye-catching look and feel.