Wood Privacy Fence

Project Description

Wood is one of the most used materials when it comes to privacy fences, best of all, wood is eco-friendly and and relatively cheaper than other materials such as metal. As you know, privacy fences are buit mainly for security and privacy purposes, however it doesn’t mean you are an unfriendly neighbor, by selecting  an appropriately designed fence the result is one more stunning element of your landscape architecture.

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Diferent types of wood con be used to build fences, the most common are pine and cedar. Pine wood is cheap and long lasting, otherwhise, cedar doesn’t require much maintenance and contains natural insect repelling substances. You choose, we build, let us do the hard work for you.


 You can choose diferent designs to build your privacy fence. Scalloped designs add a touch of dynamism and movement,  traditional designs built with spaced picket panels, dog eared styles and so on .